Antivirus Solutions – What Type of Antivirus Solution is Right For Your Business?

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Antivirus solutions can be a first line of defense against hackers who want to steal your personal information. These tools can thwart the various types of malware including ransomware Trojans and spyware. However, even the top antivirus software can’t be a complete defense against cyber threats. It has to be combined with other security tools such firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, strong passwords and multifactor authentication to offer complete security.

To determine which antivirus software is best for you, start by checking the software’s detection rate. These numbers indicate the amount of files, programs and other objects it detects and blocks from being able to enter the system. Also look for heuristic detection capabilities. This type of analysis is designed to look for suspicious computer behavior and can detect malware that has not been detected previously. But, this feature needs to be carefully calibrated to be able to avoid “alert fatigue” and excessive security alerts which can distract users from their work.

Another aspect to consider is additional safety features that the antivirus software might offer. Some of these features include the VPN service that protects against identity theft, password managers, as well as parental controls. This will ensure that your employees and customers are protected, while maintaining compliance and avoiding massive penalties for data breaches.

If your business is big or small, you are the target of hackers. Cybercriminals are looking for massive databases of consumer information or are looking to make a name for themselves with hacktivism (disrupting professional systems for social or political reasons). Anti-virus software is the perfect place to begin.


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